Marketing Services for Small Business Owners

Marketing Services for Small Business Owners

PROSBO means "For Small Business Owners." We are "pro" small business owners, which means we are for you. We help small business owners attract more clients, increase their satisfaction, and make more money.

If you are like most small business owners, you could use some help attracting more clients, increasing your client's satisfaction with your company, and you probably wouldn't mind making more money. We can help.

We accomplish our mission, which results in our clients making more money, via the following vehicles:

  1. Education: A1 Small Business Marketing
  2. Website Applications: (Website Design & Maintenance), (Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Rank), ( Search Engine Marketing - Reputation Publishing - Article Distribution)
  3. Graphic Design & Print Media: A1 Graphic Arts, Logos Logo, A1 Business Cards, ... and several other printing websites.
  4. Remote (Real) Office Management: a state-side remote office management service (Specialized, Customized Call Center Services)

PROSBO of Port Angeles, Washington has developed and maintains a website maintenance tool for small business owners that is receiving great reviews!

The name of the program is Pajezy. If you are one of those creative small business owners and would like to build your own website, Pajezy will help you do it.

On the other hand, if you are like most small business owners, you would rather have someone else do the creative and technical part of website construction.

We have discovered that most small business owners want more control over adding and/or changing their website's content, but do not want to have to do the original design themselves.

If this describes you, we want to encourage you to take a look at Pajezy.

We are professionals in the print and web or internet media and provide a "knock 'em out" call center for small business owners. If you need help, just call us and ask for it.

If we can't answer your question, we will help to point you to someone who can! Reach us locally in Port Angeles or Sequim at 565.8312 or toll free at 888-249-2539. Go ahead! Pick up the phone and call. We are the small business owner's best friend!

Pro SBO provides the following products & services:

  • Web Site Services

    • Web Site Construction
    • Web Site Builder "Build it Yourself Online Service"
    • Web Site Hosting
    • Web Site Development
    • Web Site Programming
    • Web Site Marketing
    • Web Site Search Engine Optimization

  • Print Media Services

    • Quality Printed Media

      • Business Cards, Post Cards, Rack Cards
      • Brochures
      • Business Stationery Packages
      • Posters
      • Direct Mailers
      • Direct Mail / Mailing Services
      • Reports / Annual Reports
      • Flyers / Sell Sheets
      • Short Run Magazines
      • Booklets

    • Desktop Publishing

      • Logo Design / Corporate Identity
      • Graphic Arts
      • Photograpic Manipulation
      • Complete Publishing Services

  • Real Office Management | Call Center Services

    • Answer Sales Calls For You In Your Business Name (NOT an answering service, but an extension of your business!)
    • Answer Service Calls For You In Your Business Name (NOT an answering service, but an extension of your business!)
    • Answer Your Customer's Calls For You In Your Business Name and ANSWER your customers questions from your supplied Frequently Asked Questions File (NOT an answering service, but an extension of your business!)
    • Schedule Appointments
    • Make Dispatch Phone Calls
    • Perform Suggestive Sales / Commission Structure
    • Telemarketing Followup Calls ONLY when in conjuction with one of our managed direct mail campaigns.